Goodride SA07 - 235/45ZR17 (97W)


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BD 32.900
BD 25.194

Tyre Size – 235/45 ZR17 97W
Year of Manufacture – 2020
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Looking to take full advantage of your car? Goodride has a perfect set of tires for you! Goodride SA07 high-performance tires are premium tires designed for sedans and race cars. They ensure ultimate performance and grip on any surface, without sacrificing your comfort.

  • Designed for sedans and race cars
  • Silica tech compound for improved performance
  • Rim protector adds extra protection and provides superior handling and enhanced cornering

Sticking with OE tires won’t meet your needs if they are not meant for the high performance you’re after. High-performance tires are designed for drivers who are looking for sporty handling, outstanding grip and stability. We provide premium quality SA07 tires from Goodride. These high-performance tires deliver strong traction on wet surfaces, reliable handling in all conditions, and a quiet ride, which is a big plus.