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BD 14.670 BD 16.300

Tyre Size – 215/65R15
Year of manufacture – Not Confirmed
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SP06 tires by Goodride were created to ensure your safety on the road all-year long and to complete your vehicle’s elegant look. The design of these tires was scrupulously developed by Goodride engineers, aiming to deliver a perfect balance of high performance and high value to fully satisfy your needs. By choosing Goodride tires, you gain supreme quality and everlasting durability that will make your car an everyday partner you can always rely on. Goodride SP06 tires feature a multi-pitch and irregular pattern with thousands of tiny slender bladed sipes, that not only reduces noise, but also significantly improves traction in cornering, which is essential for your safety. Excellent drainage performance is provided by 4-channel groove tread design that lowers the chances of hydroplaning which may occur when you drive on a wet road.