Michelin Latitude Tour HP - 265/45R21 (104W)
Michelin Latitude Tour HP - 265/45R21 (104W)
Michelin Latitude Tour HP - 265/45R21 (104W)
Michelin Latitude Tour HP - 265/45R21 (104W)

Latitude Tour HP

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BD 137.000
BD 29.000

Tyre Size – 255/55 R18 109V XL
Certified for – Porsche N1
Note – The LRE model is a 10 ply reinforced tire and ORWL stands for raised off-white lettering.
Year of Manufacture – 2019
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The Latitude Tour HP is Michelin’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of premium crossover and sport utility vehicles. Used as Original Equipment by Acura, BMW, Lexus, Porsche and others, Latitude Tour HP tires are designed to combine comfort, handling and all-season traction, even in light snow. The Latitude Tour HP features an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric pattern that helps balance dry, wet and wintertime traction. Stable shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib boost responsiveness and highway stability, while wide circumferential grooves help resist hydroplaning and 2-D Active Sipes improve handling in rain and snow. The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with Michelin FAZ Technology (Filament At Zero degrees) that winds polyester and aramid/nylon cords spirally under the tread area to provide a stable feel and crisp steering, while polyester cord reinforced sidewalls enhance ride quality. Note: While Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tires offer all-season versatility including traction in light snow, tire sizes featuring extremely wide tread widths may limit the traction this type of tire can provide in deep snow.