Pilot HX MXM4

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BD 86.775 BD 115.700

Tyre Size – 235/55R18 99H
Year of manufacture – Not Confirmed
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The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 is an All-Season Grand Touring tyre that was developed to provide driving harmony by blending responsive handling with good ride and noise comfort. It was developed to blend some of the looks and handling of a performance tyre with the reduced noise and ride comfort associated with a premium passenger tyre, as well as provide year-round traction, even in light snow. On the outside, the Pilot HX MXM4 features a weather-tuned tread compound molded into a symmetric tread design to provide traction on dry, wet and snow-covered roads. The independent tread blocks provide snow biting edges and are combined with circumferential grooves to evacuate water out from under the tyre’s footprint to reduce hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Internally, the Pilot HX MXM4 features twin steel belts reinforced by Michelin’s BAZ (Banded At Zero) spiral-wrapped polyamide cord to stabilize the tread area and enhance treadwear, handling and high-speed capability. The Pilot HX MXM4 features a polyester cord body to provide a smooth ride.