P6 Four Seasons

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BD 92.000
BD 69.000

Tyre Size – 225/55R18 97H
Year of manufacture – Not Confirmed
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The Pirelli P6 four seasons is a touring tour tire developed for drivers looking for performance mixed with the comfort of a passenger tire. The P6 is a low rolling resistance tire that is supposed to give drivers better gas mileage by decreasing the amount of energy that is needed to move the tire. That being said, normally low rolling resistance tires do not really increase gas mileage by that much, and can sometimes provide less traction and steering response. You are better off keeping your tires properly inflated. The P6 Four Seasons comes with an asymmetric tread pattern and is made with a proprietary silica compound from Pirelli. Weight is reduced by incorporating two twin small steel belts that hold the tire’s structure together and increase performance.