Classe Premiere CP661

SKU: AJ-RO-215/70/16C[2022] Categories: , , ,

BD 40
BD 31

Tyre Size – 215/70 R16 108/106T
Year of Manufacture – 2022
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The CP661 is a Roadstone Summer Touring tyre manufactured for Passenger cars. Its all season versatility and agile steering precision makes it an ideal choice for those who seek a quiet and smooth highway drive.

The Roadstone CP661s tread pattern features four broad straight grooves and lateral slanting grooves which aid wet traction by dispersing water from the tyres contact patch and hence reducing hydroplaning. A straight central rib passes throughout the tyre, providing it with stable cornering and responsive handling. The noise reduction design of the CP661 reduces on-road noises, providing a quiet, peaceful ride.This tyre pattern and size is ideal for Nissan Sunny and so on.